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Hi everyone!

So i've been going to cons for 6 years, and cosplaying Grell Sutcliff from Kuroshitsuji for 5 years (even now it's not completely finished nor as perfect as i would want the cosplay to be). I absolutely love Grell and started cosplaying him because i identified with him attitude-wise. I love doing Grell, but i've decided that i want to cosplay a little more seriously, and i want to do and make more costumes for more characters.
Now, i can't decide who the heck to cosplay. OTL
Kuroshitsuji -for me- trumps every other anime out there now!
I don't mind crossplaying and i'm not okay with skimpy outfits.
Suggestions please!
I have a couple pics i can show you guys too.
Body (with a steel-boned corset, im not actually that thin lol i wish!):

So any suggestions you guys have, please share them!
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