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If you wanna make it, (which I highly suggest) you will need:
-navy blue rib knit sweater (or fabric if you can find it and make one, if you want you can buy from me, just let me know, I have one..)
-black cotton fabric (classic bottom weight) for the sleeve and pants pockets
-duck cloth for the bag/side skirt thing, yes, it's a bag..
-big buckled and thick belting for the bag as well
-boots, zippers and vinyl (all for boots)
-leather bike gloves (most biker stores and leather stores sell them)
-TWO sets of ear rings (one set for the ears and one for the gloves)
-cargo pants (I used some from fred meyer that had one pocket on each leg)
-tiny ass belting and buckles for the straps on his pants
-Armor and sheath (I bought mine)

If you want more in depth you can PM me I can give you a full 100% run down on the cosplay, as I have one that is hella accurate..
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