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Originally Posted by LeekFish View Post
I could try, though I'm not sure how good I am at teaching. xD;

We totally should! c: And pfff I'm sure you'll look fantastic. xD

Making the bow and wings for sure. I'm kind of a perfectionist, y'know. xD And usually in that sort of situation I'm pretty good at bouncing between tasks; when making Pinkie I had to wait for fabric paint to dry at times so I would bounce between painting the lollipops and candy corn on the white fabric, making ruffles with the pink fabric, and working on other props, plus homework. It was kinda crazy. xD;


xD Mostly I'd need descriptions of things for the resin. Like "this part was oozy, so make sure you have a tarp down".

My friend who is probably doing Sayaka/Oktavia had this to say "YAY MADOKA. Also, holy cheese nips, I'll have to start working on it as soon as Aki is over. @.@;"
So we'll try and get it together and meet you at Sakura-Con 2013. xD;

Complex costumes are crazy in general. o: And then you throw in daily life and it gets so much crazier. Last year at Aki-Con, they had a coolest weapons contest, and one girl had entered Madoka's bow, and she'd gotten it to light up the rose at the end. It was neat, but at the time I had NO IDEA what it was even about.

I want to gooooo~ It sounds like it's a 4 day con, from their website? Friday through Monday?
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