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MLP skit help

Hiya! Me and some friends are going to be cosplaying some of the My Little Ponies for an upcoming anime event . We want to do a skit of some sort. We have the ponies:
-Rainbow Dash (Me)
-Big Macintosh
I have an idea that the ponies are looking for a new theme song, and they use themes from popular anime, But we would just kinda stand around awkwardly listening to a bit of the song so i was thinking we could use openings that have a dance. I don't know any
All I thought of was Bouken Desho Desho from haruhi suzumiya, Cagayake Girls from K-on, and (not anime but...)I am the Best by 2NE1. I still need two more and then a final one that everypony agrees on. What song would fit Derpys Character? Big Mac's? Rarity's? Please Help
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