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Using Fabric adhesive around curved edges.

Hello. I know I just registered (but am lurking on several other forums in the tech community) and am very new not only to the convention scene, but am attempting my first 100% cosplay on my own (meaning I am doing all the work).
Anime Nebraskon is coming up in about a month (Nov 2nd -th in Omaha) and I had a friend suggest I cosplay as Monkey D Luffy (I went as Gin Toki from Gin Tama at NerdKon in July this year).

While it's not hard, and I have the design (in fact, I have figured how to make the entire red vest out of one piece of fabric) I am having an issue. The area where the arms go through (call them the sleeve-less holes) is proving difficult. I am a perfectionist (call me OCD) but I am not wanting sew marks/tell-tale signs as I am trying to hit as close to the images as possible.

Anyways, I found a rather nice double-sided adhesive tape that will hold up in the wash and is durable.

The shoulders at the top where the vest meets will be sewn. Not an issue, but the edges where it will show will have the first inch folded back in itself (inside by the body, not visible) to make a nice clean edge. The adhesive tape will keep it tucked and held, and is permanent.

The main issue is that area where the arms go through. They are rounded, and as anyone knows, round corners and straight edges don't go together. While adhesive tape is very flexible, it's also not very forgiving if you mess up. This stuff is super sticky, and won't come undone if stuck.

I am trying to find a way to fold around corners and I will try to attach a picture later of what I am doing. Don't have the way to offload pics from my phone, but I will show what I need to do.
I want to fold it back but it's proving difficult when I have to fold on corners that bunch up or in general don't want to fold right.

Has anyone tried to do this method, and how did you conquer the obstacle?

Btw, I am using a McCall's pattern that was suggested (not sure the pattern but it matched) and I got the fabric right. I just want to get the area around the arms right. Do I need to cut the fabric to allow it to lie without bunching? I was thinking a knotch would allow me to fold sections, and use fray-check to keep it from pulling apart.

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