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Hey everyone! I uploaded a few test pictures of my regular and Super Sailor Mercury and figured I'd solicit some opinions from fellow cosplayers.

There are a few things I already know I want/need to do. I want to redo the bows and I have yet to get the shoulder guards to come out well. Plus, I didn't bother styling the wig just for a few quick test pictures. I'm mainly looking for input on stuff I am perhaps not thinking about. I have an Eternal version that I would certainly welcome input on as well, or just general comments or thoughts on any of them.

And for anyone wondering, yes, I am aware I don't look anything like a 14-year old middle school girl. I never will, nor do I really want to, I only aim on that front to do as well as I reasonably can; this is about having fun, after all. I am sure most all of you are perfectly awesome, but just in case, haters kindly hate elsewhere.

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