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you want angelic green from manufactured by marietta brand lenses. The best way to get very bright green eyes is to go with theatrical contact lenses. Most of the circle lenses being suggested are good, but they tend to have very large center holes and how well they show up on your eyes depends on what colour they are and what sort of lighting you are in.
the princess twilight ones have a touch of blending in their pattern for a natural look as well as the very large center hole. I don't think you want natural.
The beaucon ones have a really awesome colour that shows up well but they are also for a more natural patterning. I use them myself a lot and noone ever tells me my eyes look freaky or different. Just that they show up as the colour they're supposed to be.
For a more luminous almost glowing look try the Louie lenses also from I use them for reaper eyes and they really stand out, like from across the room or even on a stage. Tho under certain camera flash they can look yellow instead of green.

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