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Originally Posted by FuntomKitten View Post
Post-con depression is hitting me horribly. ;-; Why do people appreciate my costumes backwards of what I expect? Anything I just pull out of my closet and decide to do last minute, cool! I get plenty of pictures of it. Anything I work hard on and expect to get fairly good attention for? Nothing. At all.
This is seriously bumming me out, guys. To the point of not even thinking my Len looks all that great. This isn't fuuuun.
Noooo, don't think like that! You make an adorable Len! It's just a situation of not getting enough pictures due to other factors. I've made cosplays in the past that did not get much attention even though I thought they would(like Mozaik Role Gumi). And yes, I will give you a mask. XD

I also realized that Altus will probably have their Atlus-o-weenie thing again this year. Probably should get those arm warmers made so I can get pictures of Marie this weekend and then enter her when submissions open.
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...You are now dubbed the Persona ninja.

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