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Originally Posted by Xanarcah View Post
xD Mostly I'd need descriptions of things for the resin. Like "this part was oozy, so make sure you have a tarp down".

My friend who is probably doing Sayaka/Oktavia had this to say "YAY MADOKA. Also, holy cheese nips, I'll have to start working on it as soon as Aki is over. @.@;"
So we'll try and get it together and meet you at Sakura-Con 2013. xD;

Complex costumes are crazy in general. o: And then you throw in daily life and it gets so much crazier. Last year at Aki-Con, they had a coolest weapons contest, and one girl had entered Madoka's bow, and she'd gotten it to light up the rose at the end. It was neat, but at the time I had NO IDEA what it was even about.

I want to gooooo~ It sounds like it's a 4 day con, from their website? Friday through Monday?
Ah I gotcha xD

Yay! c:

Oh gosh not to mention other con commitments. I have AA to worry about for Sakura Con, and on top of that I sorta got recruited to do artwork for a new brony convention starting up probably this winter so I'll probably be selling there as well if I can figure out the means to go. Currently though I have to work on making their mascots which really isn't an easy task. @A@; This can only go well.

Sounds hella awesome though, I think I met that cosplayer at Sakura Con since that bow sounds really familiar.

Yeah, Friday through Monday although my group typically goes Thursday too. Their "Day Zero" is pretty awesome cause they have a Swap Meet and stuff; plus it's just really nice to get the badge early.
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