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Well the truth of the matter is that I have always been a bit of a history buff and when I was younger I always wanted to have a home like the Addams Family, with strange items from the past scattered all around my home. Fast forward to about five years ago when I bought my home. While on the outside its fairly unassuming the interior is covered in amazing woodwork, most of which dates back 90 years to when the house was first built. As a result my fiancée and I decided to research what the house used to look like and asked the former owner. She stated that when she purchased the house the former owners had velvet curtains up and it “looked like a funeral parlor.” So needless to say I purchased yards and yards of panne velvet and my fiancée and I commenced making curtains. Along the way we decided to turn the room off of the entry hall into an English Victorian Parlor (My fiancées mom was born in England). As a result the room was soon filled with original and reproduction Victorian furniture.

This created a problem, however, in that you could easily see the adjoining modern family room from the fainting couch which rather ruined the effect. What seemed to stick out most of all was the computer and monitor along with the router, keyboard, etcetera. Even after putting up curtains between the room this was an issue since we use that gas fireplace / stove in the parlor to help heat the house in winter. For this to work efficiently we have to keep the curtains open. So the question arose how could we help make things blend?

The answer came in the form of steampunk mods of the computer. Over the course of six months I gradually changed the computer system piece by piece form something that screamed early 21st century to very early 20th century. Thus steampunk helped us to keep the neo-Victorian aesthetic throughout the two rooms and helped to soften the jarring juxtaposition of the two time periods.

Since learning about steampunk, however, my fiancée and I have become avid fans of the aesthetic. We have both purchased and modified clothing to wear to events which easily fall under the label of steampunk. In addition or next production is being created with the steampunk aesthetic in mind in an effort to help visually portray that the story does not happen on Earth….. at least not this Earth.

So there you have it. It took my fiancée and I a while to find steampunk and we took a rather circuitous route, but here we are today

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