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Originally Posted by dx7879 View Post
LMAO! Yeah Zatanna would be a pretty cold cosplay for November...Guess I didn't have it as bad then. Last year the only thing I had on that made me cold were sandals, so just my feet were cold XD

This year for Kollision I'll be in shorts on Saturday, although I will have a long coat on at least...We'll see how much that helps...I'll probably use my warmest cosplay for Apocalypse though since I don't know if parking is free or not :/ Only thing that may prevent me from going to Apocalypse for at least a day is the weather. As long as it isn't snowing bad, I'm planning on doing Saturday
Haha, this year I am soo prepared. My cosplay consits of a fur lined sweater (My 'parka')
And then boots- also furr lined. XD
I'm not even sure what I'd wear for Apocalypse. I was thinking -maybe- homestuck since I'l prolly be going with my homestuck friend but I'm not even that far in the series, haha.
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