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Originally Posted by ]-Katsu-[ View Post
I was wondering is anyone else was going to be cosplaying from any of the Persona games and wanted to see about having a possible gathering for Pacific Media Expo 2012? I'll be cosplaying Ryoji Mochizuki from Persona 3 sometime during PMX and am hoping to see if others are as well. A more exact day, time, and such can be worked out a bit later if there are more people interested.
I'm bringing Hamuko and my girlfriend's going as Shinjirou, so I was thinking about doing a night shoot with some other P3 cosplayers. Do you wanna meet up with us?

I think the hotel for PMX is actually kind of perfect for night shoots, so it's always kind of surprised me that there aren't more SMT cosplayers at this in general.

Last year I did a Battle Network shoot with a couple friends on the loading dock with the black and white checkerboard floor pattern. It really does look just like Tartarus there. Here's an example using a photo from last year's night shoot with Daniel Wright.

This might be really awesome to take advantage of, in my opinion. c: Haha, sorry for chatting your ears off, btw.
PMX 2012 Lineup:
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