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Alice in Wonderland Cosplay Ideas & Wig help!

My absolute definitive icon is Alice in Wonderland, so girlish, wide eye'd and innocent, yet brave and adventurous. She is always out of place (much like me) but still manages to make friends with all the "less then normal" life around her. She is refined and polite, yet she will stand up for herself when threatened.
I want to be Alice, or I am Alice. Either way she is my inspiration.
Here is the outfit, what do you think? Should I go blonde (traditional), black(sinister), red (passionate), pink, green or purple (all surreal and somewhat cutting in on Cheshire Cat's territory - I think)? Help!!!

Such cute hat and gloves that match the heart on the corset!

There are more accessories for this outfit on, I think I like everything, the hat the gloves, the little pocket watch necklace, the harlequin stockings, the dress, the corset, the elegant strait jacket, even the 9" padlock - it tells my story pretty perfectly.
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