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Dinner the other night was homemade pizza, right down to the crust (though I did not make the sauce, that takes too long to boil down). I topped mine with mushrooms and onions and bacon, and then half of it also had avocado as an experiment (a tasty one). The only thing I'm not happy with is that this is the second "thin crust" recipe that still ends up with a decently thick crust. I want floppy, barely-holds-the-cheese thin. Further experimentation is necessary.

And last night I made Sapphire Cupcakes, inspired by MLP, yes. They're red raspberry cake (because red raspberries bake blue in cupcakes for some reason) dyed even more blue, with cream cheese frosting and topped with edible white shimmer powder and blue rock candy chunks. These are my three-weeks-ish late birthday cupcakes to myself, since my birthstone is sapphire and I really liked that episode of ponies anyway. Honestly, this is one of my favorite cupcakes ever. Will make again (but still plan to experiment with homemade marshmallow frosting (you can pipe it before it sets) and white chocolate frosting).
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