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Anyone have pics/vids of the heidi. show?

I got one or two pics and my mom got some video.Did anyone else?
p.s.-I'm kinda just now getting over AWA soreness and depression that it's over xD.Can't wait for Momocon 2013!Who else is going?
Oh,and i wonder if anyone else has a cold now too.The day after i got back from AWA i starting sneezing alot and now i've got a full blown cold LOL.Probably got it amongst all of the people there and all the things i touched in the dealers room xD.
AWA 2012 cosplay:Alma Wade(F.E.A.R) for the whole 3 days :3

vvv fav Norman Jayden quotes <3333
"Nahman Jayden,Eff-Bee_Eye"
"Ahm,heh ta see PACK-o"
"Blake,You are an unbalanced,psychopathic,ASSHOLE!"
"Ahm stahtin ta think i spend most of my time gettin' the shit kicked outta me"
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