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Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
So I have this wig, and it is styled in spikes and I am trying to attach a crown..I make the crown out of craft foam to be super light, and I added a barrette to it..But the barrette has nothing to clip to..So I have no idea what to do..,r:0,s:0,i:73
This is literally the ONLY pic I can find online. I know where to place it and everything but it keeps falling off because the hair slips out of the barrette. I wanted to try to get the barrette to clip to the area where the skin top stops at the top, but it isn't in the right area to be able to clip it.
Any ideas?
I don't want to sew it in if I don't have to..
If the crown is craft foam you might want to try gluing hidden loops of ribbon on the insides and pinning bobby pins into them and the wigs hair to just pin in it. I've done that for a few craft foam hair accessories and it's always worked out rather well!
The best part is since the loops are on the inside of the crown no one will ever see the pins either!
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