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@Seifer -

Jigsaw: I'll definitely keep an eye out if I see anything!

Fat Suit: To give you a reference, here is what Pen Pen looks like - c.jpg It would seem like I may want quite a bit of fat, but I'm always willing to take suggestions since I haven't started the suit yet.

Workout: I've been in the same predicament with my workout. I totally understand you about being tired after work. I will be needing some warmer biking clothes (another expense) to do it after work. It's starting to get much cooler. But I did go last night and realized how cold it was just wearing biking shorts and a t-shirt.

Tape Dummies: Well, nothing was too bad in terms of being cut. I'm the same way - my wonderflex / plastic scissors are usually the ones that are one step away from going into the trash. I hope the Tape dummy we gave you will work out. Let me know if there are any problems.

Long Term Projects: As for autumn shots - as I was looking through some cosplay galleries on flickr, I found this photo - c.jpg that someone took. I think something in similar composition showing some autumn foliage in tree branches overhead would look pretty nice. It would probably be something that would work out nicely with a wide angle lens.

That is probably true with Terra and her Esper form. Poor girl if it was because of her slave crown that she couldn't feel anything. I doubt the empire would have her personal comfort as a priority, sadly.

I'm going to have to make myself look like a Shih Tzu with the wig and mustache - http://milkman-your-dad.deviantart.c...h-Tzu-65159910. I have to admint that's one reason I like doing mascots and a reason I chose Zora Link as a future cosplay - no wigs are required with those. I'll have to do a few practice runs with aging makeup. I will also be doing some makeup with Cecil as well - foundation layer I suppose to get a whiter effect for his face - so hopefully I'll have some practice with makeup in general. If he did make a tutorial, that would be cool - but no rush of course.

My Update: Well, I'm hoping this month will go be more productive since I have a con on the 26th. As for fiberglassing - I am letting the last layer cure while I am writing this post. Once I am done, I will start mapping out the patterns for the head. Eye protection and respirators are definitely a must. Usually, glasses are good enough (I wear them anyway just to see or contacts).

Something Dissidia Related: I am really surprised that Dark Knight Cecil looks so much more buffed than his Paladin version. He actually reminds me a bit of Batman in his suit. It does somewhat go with the events of the game, but I won't go into anymore detail than that.

Your Cosplay Updates: I hope your Ganondorf upgrades go well. I'm excited to see what they will look like. Did you use silicone rubber for the molds with the earrings or did you have something already that worked. For Cecil, I found stuff that will work as far as the gems hanging off his armor. Goes to look at Sabin pictures for suggestions - All I could think of is maybe some more designs and swirls on his shirt? Maybe another scarf? Other than that, it all looks really good! Then again, I'm not sure if Sabin is supposed to have a bunch of complex designs compared to other characters.
In Progress:

Pen Pen (Evangelion) - 10%
Duke Pantarei (Tales of Vesperia) - 95% - wig needs restyling.
Cecil Harvey (FF Dissidia) - 10%


Emperor Gestahl (Final Fantasy VI)
Rakushun Rat form (Twelve Kingdoms)
Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles)
Link Zora Armor (LoZ: Twilight Princess)

Desired, but not confirmed:

Dart Dragoon Form (LoD)
Dark Helmet (Spaceballs)

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