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Looked it up (somehow) on Wikipedia one day. ...No I'm serious.
I think it was because I was looking at Lolita fashion, which I'm also interested in. Lolita and Steampunk were both under the neo-victorian category.
Anyway, read it on Wiki. "Oh this is cool."
Google imaged it. "Oh this is really cool."
Started doing some research and stuff here and there.. It seemed like I've always been in Victorian-like fashions for a while.
About four or so years of admiring from afar.. I joined an airship with a friend's help and made my own outfit xD
Sort of the same thing. I was trying to find a unique fashion clique for myself. Tried doing the Dandy thing, and it didn't quite fit. I saw a few steampunkers at cons and decided to try it for myself. So in addition to doing the whole costume thing, steampunk has also permiated my everyday wear (ie, I don't dress like a homeless college student any more).
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