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Originally Posted by Ranma 1-2 View Post
Hi Steffi, sorry to hear you have been ill. Hope you are feeling better. I look forward to seeing your Myu dancing, hopefully at Expo. Yes I am going to be there for the whole weekend (starting Fri) - hotel is all booked and confirmed, we just have to arrive. ^_^ I'm waiting to hear if I have been given a performance slot in Sundays masquerade, if so I will be doing Elle Driver hospital scene from Kill Bill. Next May Expo though I want to have Galaxia ready :P
Ah, that's great to hear!

You too? I haven't heard about whether I've got a slot in the mini masquerade on Saturday, they were supposed to have sent emails out last week, but I don't think they got round to doing so.
Ha, that sounds so cool! Good luck with the performance!

You are doing Galaxia next year!? I'm going to May as well, as Super Sailor Moon, I'm a part of this huge Sailor Moon group that someone organised for May. We could certainly do with a Galaxia (I think we have a Beryl).
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