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Knotching worked

I don't have the outfit on me, but I will post what I did. I have a friend that helped me with it. I was able to knotch at key areas that allowed me to do a clean fold-back to make it work well.

After sewing the shoulders, all I have to do is get the buttons in. I am hoping they arrive within the next few days. It's driving me nuts trying to figure out when they will arrive.

Unfortunately, I was not able to figure out a way to make the hat. I (shamefully) ordered one on ebay, as well as sandals. However, the jeans for the outfit are good to go. I rolled up the legs to right at the knee area. I gotta stitch so they don't move.

I saw the pre-made, and I am not quite sure with the versions I saw (which used some faux-fur on the rolls) if it would be accurate. From what I see, it looks more like Monkey D Luffy rolled his pants up.

Either way, I think this will turn out nice!
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