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Going for the 2nd time

Last year was my first time attending. I am living about 7 miles away from the Ramada.

Interestingly enough, if my brother told me that his friend helped start the kon (albeit from the Lincoln Anime club) I would've known sooner. I happened to hear about it from a friend.

Becky potter was one of the founding members, and my brother knew her well before she went to Lincoln. He was a personal friend of hers. I am surprised my brother never told me, since my brother helped me get started in anime.

Btw, I will be cosplaying as Monkey d Luffy.

I went to Nerdkon for the first time (it was at another Ramada out about 120th st at John Galt blvd). Nerdkon was started by K (from NerdTron downtown) and the first time it ran was in July of this year. He has it scheduled for April in 2013.

You will see me in the full Monkey d Luffy outfit on Saturday, and Sunday/Friday I will most likely doing my first cosplay Gin Toki from Gin Tama. It sucks as a first costume, but my friend pulled it off in less than week (finished the day of NerdKon)

Also, I got a room with two queen sized bed booked at the ramada, and did so back in July and got steep discounts ($158 two days WITH tax). I got discounts for booking more than 7 days in advance + booking more than one day.

I learned after running ragged at NerdKon that I need a base to crash if I crash hard.
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