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I need bright blue contacts for a Catherine cosplay. ref.

I found these and thought they were perfect. Saw lenses from youknowit.
But I usually only order circle lenses from sites like kiwiberry and pinky paradise.

Pinky Paradise kinda screwed me over with my dolly eye blue lenses that I first ordered, so now I'm just going to get a refund and look for other ones. But I'm so indecisive. D:

How reliable is youknowit? Is it legit? And what about the Blue Mansion lenses on there? They are also on HoneyColor here.

I want circle lenses that make my eyes look bigger, but the Saw and Mansion lenses look pretty spot on. Do they also enlarge? I can't seem to find reviews on the Saw ones with the size or anything.

I also found these circle lenses that I thought looked nice. Super pinky blue

Basically I need big, bright blue lenses that show up on light eyes!
hAlp. ;-;
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