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EVA foam hardener

I'm making a Mega Man Mythos Zero cosplay, and am using EVA foam mats (the floor mats) as the base for the armor plates. I have nearly all of the individual plates done, and went to spread an adhesive backed vinyl over them today, and they looked great after I applied it, very professional I think. To my dismay, after putting on some of the pieces I had completed, when I moved and the EVA mats bent, the vinyl creased and really started not looking so hot, and I'm rather frustrated. I can't paint the mats, as I've tried and it just doesn't look that great, so what I'd like to do is apply some kind of hardener to the outside surface.

The parts currently fit me either snuggly or tight (depending on the part), so I don't want to apply anything to the inside surface, just the outside. I'm looking into fiber glass, but it's a crap ton of work and a last resort if I can't find anything else. The parts are all really simple and round shaped for the most part, so what I'd like is a kind of resin or something I can just brush onto the outside and create a hard surface, so I can then apply the vinyl to that and be good. Also, it needs to be super hard, as this is real battle armor (by that I mean I will be sparring in it and taking hits from other foam/plastic weapons), which is the reason I started with foam, as it absorbs impacts very well, and doesn't crack of break under pressure. I'll have pics up later today of my progress so far.

Thanks for any help
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