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Originally Posted by DarkFujin View Post
I remember some people on here talking about El Shaddai a little while ago. But I can't find that post at the moment for some reason. Did we decide if it's worth getting or not? They sell it at my school for $15 so I'm debating on getting it, but I've heard mixed things. I'll probably go buy I on my lunch break and see how it is!
I'd say it's worth $15. I bailed out after Chapter 4. I liked some things about it, but the combat was too repetitive for me. It didn't help that I wasn't particularly good at it, so battles took me a long time. There's basically only one attack button but by varying the rhythm you get different combos. I could never quite get the hang of it. Also, if you die you resurrect yourself by button-mashing so I was never really forced to get any better at it. I thought the platforming parts were pretty fun. The graphics are certainly unique and interesting and the story concept is intriguing. The game play just wasn't interesting enough for me to want to keep going.
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