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Help! Cosplay suggestions?

Hello! I'm starting to make my second cosplay, and I'm trying to find some ideas. I'm currently working on a Batgirl cosplay but the armor is very complicated and I think I may have overextended myself. Right now, I'm looking for something that's relatively low-key and that I'll be able to do with relative ease.

You can see my pictures in my most recent cosplay, posted on my profile. I have long red hair, which is naturally curly. My skin is very pale, and I have freckles. I have green/blue eyes. I am also quite short, and relatively curvy.

I am fine with wearing wigs, but I would prefer not to for the sake of my wallet. I am not comfortable with cross-gender cosplay.

My skill level regarding costume-making is moderate. I think that I have a bit of a natural skill, and I've sewn a few costumes in the past, always with a pattern. I'm always up for a challenge, but please keep it reasonable!

I'm not a huge anime fan, but I don't mind those suggestions. I'm looking for ideas primarily from comic books, video games, books, movies, or television shows. To give you an idea, my recent list includes Midna (imp), Codex from the guild, and Sakura from Naruto.

Much thanks
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