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need HELP with making bangs/fringes hairpiece

see that top track showing? i have no hair to cover it up and im trying to find a way....

is it possible to fold the hair over without it sticking up (the way professionally manufactured faux bangs seem to have it)

This is how my hair looks now--i wear a Chelsea Cut
the front bangs/fringes are too short and kinda ugly and a REAL pain to keep straight (i have VERY coarse thick woolly hair):

wig clips attach very well to my hair...theres no problem there....
but i cant find anything or any way to cover that top track such as if i made bangs like this:

This is what I want except i need it MUCH longer and i need it in a specific color scheme...pure white underneath and black ontop:

i need to find a way to make a hairpiece that will give me those bangs without any tracks or anything showing; because i dont have hair to pull from the back to blend it in

can someone help???

ive been having ZERO luck

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