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Originally Posted by kaligoddess View Post
Lordy, trying to understand an Amano sketch is a monumental task in itself.
I don't believe anyone could have said it better. lol

@Seifer: The one on the bottom right of the image. But now has been holding up my order (who knows why, not even they could explain it) for the last pieces I need. I planned to start on it this month but it's going to have to be pushed up. I'll be posting progress photos whenever I get something...anything....

@MetalArtisan: Nice work with the gauntlets and leg braces! Very cool.

@Final: ...good luck.

That's...all I have after seeing that picture. XD

@Celine: Thanks! This is one of the few photos I have of my boot covers (I love them so much) and I cropped them off for a profile pic. >.>
Originally Posted by kiratsukai View Post
Dear society: want us to stop dressing up skanky? Stop putting only the skanky chicks on G4 and start giving your comic women pants.
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