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Let's see how this works out, I haven't really cosplayed before, and I need some inspiration!

Age: 13 (I can easily play children and teenagers, obviously)
Body type: Petite, thin.
Height: 5'3
Weight: 85lb
Eyes: Very light brown, bordering on green (But I've worn contacts in the past and have no issue with it.)
Hair: Strawberry blonde.
Crossdressing: I'm fine with it!
Skin tone: Very pale.
Contacts/Wigs: Completely fine.

Aaaand here!

I don't really know if personality counts, but I'm pretty outgoing and open to all ideas. I'm actually an actress, I do stage and film, so I'm fine with getting into character.

Also, I don't know much anime (But feel free to suggest if you think I'd fit an anime character), I know more about western animation and Disney. I'm thinking of maybe trying Wendy from Peter Pan, but I'm making a list that perhaps you can help me with!
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