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Lollipop Chainsaw alternative

So I'm cosplaying Juliet Starling at the end of the month. My body isn't where I want to be regarding showing off my stomach so I came up with an idea on how to cameflouge it until my next con I cosplay her as. Being a ex cheerleader we were sleeves under our shells to keep from the cold but those only covered the upper portion.

So my question do you think I could pull off wear something like this (look below) and still be noticed as Juliet Starling? I could imagine that they would have something similar (probably just covering the upper part) but hell it's cold in October lol.

And this is my wallpaper picture lol. (motivation)

Aki Con 2012 DONE
Juliet Starling-Lollipop Chainsaw
Korra-Legend of Korra (default pic)
Sexy Mighty Morphin Pink Power Ranger

Emerald City Comic Con 2013
Storm 90's Version
Juliet Starling-Lollipop Chainsaw
Female Barret FF AC?

Sakura Con 2013
Korra-The Legend of Korra
Mighty Morphin Pink Power Ranger?
Female Barret FF AC
Sexy Female Brock-Pokemon

*Always seeking friends, especially in Washington*

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