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I don't mean to spam, but here's another post.

Locations near St. Louis, MO:
~Botanical Gardens in St. Louis. Has everything from tropical plants to Victorian gardens to a Japanese one.
~Forest Park. It's bigger than Central Park, and has TONS of beautiful and fun places to take pictures. There's the zoo, the Jewel Box greenhouse, Art Hill, the Art Museum (which was a building from the 1904 World's Fair, so it'd look great for Edwardian/Victorian cosplays) the History museum, lovely park trails, the Science Center/Planetarium, (Good for futuristic/sci-fi cosplays...hell, the Planetarium was one of the main locations in the derpy 2006 sci-fi movie Black Hole.) and all sorts of other wonders. How much are all these? Almost everything in that park is FREE.
~The City Museum. Bring a flashlight for the caves, cosplay repair kit, and first aid kit. If you leave with a few bruises, you had fun.
~The Arch grounds get you a nice view of the Mississippi River.
~Castlewood State Park. Nice riverside beaches, secluded, quiet, and lots of flora.
~Historic St. Charles. Has the nice historic small town feel.
~Laumeier Sculpture Park. You can climb on certain statues, and even the natural woods look like a work of art.

Other MO locations:
~Mermac Caverns. One of the caves rooms used to be a freaking ballroom, so you'd have plenty of room in there for whatever.
~Lake of the Ozarks. It's beautiful.
~Various farms can be really pretty. Just get permission before you step on anyone's land. I think that most farm owners would be flattered that you think their farm is so pretty that you want to take pictures on it!
~St. Genevieve. It's a small city but has a LOVELY historical/small town charm that makes it so pretty.

IL locations:
~Cahokia Mounds. Ancient Native American ruins that look pretty cool.
~Lake Carlisle. Nice lakeside beaches.
~Somewhere on the coast of Lake Michigan and various parks in Chicago. (Last time I went I was in 3rd grade, so I can't remember anything about that city.)
~Various farms. (With permission! Trespassing charges are no fun!)
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