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Thanks for all the internet hugs!
I was super pissed at the time but now I'm over it. I just chalk it up to them being in the spur of the moment, like maybe it was their first con or they don't get to participate in such a large con as Otakon.
It won't deter me from being Panty again, though, haha. I didn't expect things to go that way but I have my fangirly, "must take the picture" moments, too.
I always appreciate and am flattered when someone asks for a picture but it's like -- they noticed me and taking time out of their day to just snap a picture. It does get annoying though, when I'm eating and people come up for a picture.
Once, I was holding two handfuls of ketchup, napkins, and other condiments, going on my way to my table where my Stocking was waiting, when someone asked for a picture. I went, "why not, lol" and had to pose with my hands behind my back.
The only other time I wasn't too happy in being asked a picture was right before the whole crying incident... My feet were killing me and I just took them off to have a rest. Someone came up, apologized, saying they saw that I just sat down and was really sorry but if they could get a picture. The fact that they apologized made me so happy they were considerate that I pulled my shoes on again even though they they said I didn't have to. I was going to give them a good picture, dangit, LOL.
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