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So, I've been Naruto for Halloween for years now...I think this year that'll change...due to my recent untimely obsession with a certain cartoon I just recently discovered,

This year, I AM ZIM!

Invader Zim for the win!
I'm trying to talk my friend into being Dib and I've got a GIR to yell at so hopefully we'll have at least a small group for Halloween!
I think the Mall on Halloween in this costume would be awesome. I'll probably do that
I'm kind of hoping somebody will recognize me, but even if nobody does, making a scene arguing/fighting with Dib should be enough fun for a few hours :3 heheheh
Mah Cosplay:
Grell Sutclif(Black Butler) 100%!
Naruto! 90%
Crona (Soul Eater) 100%
ZIM (Invader Zim) 0% (Halloween 2012!)
Yami Yugi (Yu-Gi-Oh) 90%

I'll see you all at Anime Blues Con 2013!
I might also be at Glitch Con 2013! :3
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