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Free Private Photoshoots!


However, if you see me wandering the halls with a camera around my neck, feel free to ask for a quick mini-shoot in the halls. I wouldn't mind snapping a few shots in some secluded corner of the con.

Hi everyone! My time off request is in and there is little doubt that it will be turned down, so I’m going to go ahead and offer photoshoots at AUSA.

Shoots are about half an hour each, but I’m only going to schedule them on the hour to give me wiggle room and time to get from place to place. You can check out my photography tag on tumblr for examples of cosplay and lolita shoots I’ve done - scroll a bit to get past the miscellaneous stuff.

Friday: I’m available from 6 until midnight or so.

Saturday: I’m available from 11 onwards. While I’d prefer not to do a late-night shoot, I’m open to it if you have restricting cosplay plans.

Sunday: Similarly available from 11 onwards, probably until about 4.

I live a couple miles from AUSA, so I’m not restricted by rides or anything. If you have a specific time that doesn’t fit in these frames, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. (Also, because I know the area, we may able to find a really great location for you away from the con!) I’m willing to shoot singles, pairs, groups, what-have-you.

To schedule a shoot, send an email to with the day, time, and what you (+the rest of your group, if you have one) are cosplaying. Or you can reply here!

Thanks, and I look forward to shooting you! ;D
Katsuon Schedule: Friday night: Cendrillon Miku, Saturday: Hiyori Iki, Sunday: Tired Photographer

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