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the amber ambition colour splash lenses from look very orange. I have a pair and they are definitely not brown in any way. They're also super comfortable daily wear or weekly wear lenses, depending on what ones you order.
No cats eye pupil design tho. For that in an orange you need to go to a custom lens place like and pay around 400$ for a hand painted pattern. I think you were lucky to find the first pair in an orange colour, it's not something I've ever come across or would expect they have. I usually only see red, yellow, green and rarely blue or purple cats eye ones from the cheaper mass produced companies.
The mass produced ones are uncomfortable because they are made of a thicker "harder" material than daily wear lenses which allows them to be more opaque and solid with their colour and have smaller iris holes so nothing shows through from your original eye colour. Even the expensive custom painted ones are usually of the harder lens type and just as uncomfortable and restricting of your vision. I personally prefer the smaller iris hole since it hides my original eye colour better, even when i shop for cheaper circle lenses I look for designs with this smaller iris hole feature. You just have to get used to wearing them and follow the wear time directions carefully. "Hard" lenses usually should not be worn for more than six hours at a time because they let almost no oxygen in to your eyes.
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