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Midna: Imp Form

Eek. I'm really kind of terrified to have my Midna critiqued but I really want to get her perfect. There are some details I'm already aware that I need to fix but I'm wondering if I could improve anything else.

I also have some questions for anyone to answer for me, the more comments the better!

- I was wondering if I should continue to use the orange, yellow, red eye shadow detail around my eye even when I get red contacts. I personally believe it helps really make the eyes pop because of the shadows created by the helmet but I wasn't sure if I should because of the red contacts.
- I definitely need to spike this wig. Possibly add the orange tinting? I definitely need to spike it though.

Details Needed to be Added that I'm already aware of:
- I'll be fixing the ears. I'm wondering if I should make them out of craft foam instead? Heat foam and attach to the headpiece. I'll be adding the flares on the ears as well.
- The wispy shadows need to be added to the shoulders and arms.
- I am definitely getting red contacts.
- I'll be adding the hair piece tie.

I appreciate any kind of critiquing! I really want to get her right. Thank you so much <3



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