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It was ironed before I did that. I had to take it with me after I did that and that wrinkled it. It was completely flat before doing that.

As far as sewing, I wanted a perfect edge and hate the idea of the sewing stitch showing. I thought it would be cooler if it was a straight edge that didn't have the tell-tales of being sewed.

Call me obsessive but I thought it would look a cleaner design and better if I did that than sew it back.

I also wanted the one piece cut out that allowed it to look seam-less to allow a cleaner design.

It's my first time making it, and I went through about 8 yards of fabric on trial & error before doing this.

I am not experienced at sewing, and have a friend that helped me, but I am still learning. This however is my first time at even sewing. It worked out well. Once i have the buttons on and the holes made (using a sewing machine that will sew the areas for the button holes and then cut in the middle) and it will be fully assembled/pressed, I will post the final work.

The pants will need a few stitches to hold the rolled-up areas in place. That way it will stay that way without flopping down. I have all that.

I am no-where experienced enough, nor do I have the skills to pull off better at the moment, but you should see the other pieces. They were a complete disaster. I have been working on this for a few weeks before getting the techniques right. I looked to see if anyone has done an outfit this way before on the net, but all I found were people who did three pieces (left front, right front, and back sewn at sides) and didn't find a single one. A lot of people put a lining in, and I didn't want that. It should pretty much all be hidden.
There are some areas that need to be tacked down. I looked and with the suggestion of a friend I am gonna use a fabric glue just on those areas. but only for those areas.
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