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Originally Posted by Kildread View Post
When I went to book a hotel, the nearest with availability left was the Milford and the price per night was 200+ a night. :/

I did see cheaper prices outside of con hotels, but figured it was better to stay in the suggestions. Might be one of those your friend took.
I didn't look at the con hotels myself, since friend was taking care of everything, but I highly doubt that the one we are at is in any way associated with NYCC. While $200+ a night isn't great, I'd rather pay more and enjoy my vacation. My last trip to a US con ended up being ...unsatisfactory... in terms of accomodations; NY was supposed to make up for that failure, not be worse.

Originally Posted by lithium flower
It might not be the fancy hotel with the hot tub and room parties going on, but it can still do the job without the bells and whistles. Your just going to be sleeping, dressing, and bathing there. Maybe they have new staff? New renovations? Maybe the people had bad experiences that have been resolved since? To be honest I take online reviews with a grain of salt, I've eaten or stayed at places that one person says is a detestable cesspool but me and my friends had a wonderful experience at.

Try to reserve your judgement until you spend time at the hotel.
I am realistic about my expectations, definitely not expecting anything super, and I know when reviewers are being unreasonable based on the price point. But not having a hot tub or room service =/= dealing with bedbugs & roaches, having warm water maybe (forget about hot), filthy walls & carpets, dirty bedding and towels etc etc. It's not just a couple of bad reviews, it's overwhelmingly bad. And even the good ones are along the lines of "it's fine if you don't spend any time there and ask for a new room if the first one is too dirty" >_>
I might get lucky and it will be fine. I might not, and decide to never go anywhere again. (only half joking)
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