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Originally Posted by Kildread View Post
That would work only if it's late evening --- barring any flight delays, I'm touching down at La Guardia at 19H30 and will head up to checkin at the hotel then. I'd only be available afterwards on thursday. Otherwise it could be friday eve.

Friday works too. I think I have your cell, so I'll keep you in the loop.

Originally Posted by PrincessKaori87 View Post
That's just disgusting.

Originally Posted by MaiSheri View Post
I actually can't remember the name off the top of my head right now, but according to over 70 reviews, it's the shittiest hotel in the city and not worth the cheap price tag. I plan to spend as little time in the hotel as possible anyways, but I do have to store my things, have to sleep, and have to shower, none of which I actually want to do at this place.
Originally Posted by MaiSheri View Post
I didn't look at the con hotels myself, since friend was taking care of everything, but I highly doubt that the one we are at is in any way associated with NYCC. While $200+ a night isn't great, I'd rather pay more and enjoy my vacation. My last trip to a US con ended up being ...unsatisfactory... in terms of accomodations; NY was supposed to make up for that failure, not be worse.

I am realistic about my expectations, definitely not expecting anything super, and I know when reviewers are being unreasonable based on the price point. But not having a hot tub or room service =/= dealing with bedbugs & roaches, having warm water maybe (forget about hot), filthy walls & carpets, dirty bedding and towels etc etc. It's not just a couple of bad reviews, it's overwhelmingly bad. And even the good ones are along the lines of "it's fine if you don't spend any time there and ask for a new room if the first one is too dirty" >_>
I might get lucky and it will be fine. I might not, and decide to never go anywhere again. (only half joking)
Yeah, you may want to re-book ASAP, seeing you can probably get your deposit back if you cancel with 24 hours of check in. Also dare I ask how far out you are from the Javitis because that sort of hotel sounds like being based out of Chinatown.

And if your hotel is indeed poop and you wish to come back to NYCC for ATOMIC ROBO PLOTS, let me know in advance, and you can just crash at my place which is 100% cheaper.
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