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Originally Posted by MaiSheri View Post
I didn't look at the con hotels myself, since friend was taking care of everything, but I highly doubt that the one we are at is in any way associated with NYCC. While $200+ a night isn't great, I'd rather pay more and enjoy my vacation. My last trip to a US con ended up being ...unsatisfactory... in terms of accomodations; NY was supposed to make up for that failure, not be worse.

I am realistic about my expectations, definitely not expecting anything super, and I know when reviewers are being unreasonable based on the price point. But not having a hot tub or room service =/= dealing with bedbugs & roaches, having warm water maybe (forget about hot), filthy walls & carpets, dirty bedding and towels etc etc. It's not just a couple of bad reviews, it's overwhelmingly bad. And even the good ones are along the lines of "it's fine if you don't spend any time there and ask for a new room if the first one is too dirty" >_>
I might get lucky and it will be fine. I might not, and decide to never go anywhere again. (only half joking)
Yikes, that's not good.

Some years ago I stayed in a hotel with my parents in Kalamazoo where each room was totally infested with dead beetles. We had this big wave of jackass beetles that pretended to look like ladybugs but they where just jerks and stuff, so the hotel got infested with them and the whole room was covered in them. Along the molding on the walls just enormous piles of dead beetles and even in the sheets. My mom demanded a new room but we went to another hotel the day after.

Originally Posted by PrincessKaori87 View Post
One time I stayed in a hotel room with my mom that absolutely REEKED of cigarette smoke! To get the smell out, we turned the shower on to its hottest setting to fill the bathroom with steam and left the sheets, pillow cases and comforters in there for a while. It got most of it out. That's how I found out I'm allergic to cigarette smoke. I woke up the next morning with a scratchy throat and itchy eyes.
Was it a non-smoking room? If so, the person who stayed before you was an ass :| my mom still smokes in non-smoking rooms by going in the bathroom and turning the hot water on to create steam but the thing is folks like yourself with allergies ask for non-smoking rooms for a reason.
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