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Originally Posted by eebee View Post
Ouch. I've never commissioned. Too scared of getting burned. I hope it all works out! And definitely let her know that if she does end up wanting to attend and happens to have similar measurements to mine, she can borrow my Emma Frost. She can even borrow my white jeans if need be. The only component I don't have is a wig. =)
She actually has the hair to pull Emma off w/o the wig, so there's no problem w/the hair department I'll let her know, and thank you, this is super cool of you, and like I said, hopefully this works out for everyone in the end!!

And I RARELY comission, but I know the dude, I've seen his work before and I imagine we'll luck out in the end and we're just both paranoid, buttttttttttttttttt there's always that chance you know?

Unrelated, hangage in less than 3 hours, YAYYY!
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