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Originally Posted by Ranma 1-2 View Post
Yes planning to complete Galaxia for next May. I promised to save Galaxia masquerade performance for Chevy though (Angel Aiko). She is another lovely Sailor Moon cosplayer. Hopefully if it workds out the same day it would be a great photo op for everyone. oh, news up - just recieved an email tonight - I have been given a performance slot in Sundays masq So Elle Driver nurse cosplay is defo on for Sun. Are you cosplaying Sailor Moon both days at Expo?? I would love to see you there and say hi.
Oooh, I know Angel Aiko, talked to her online, but never spoke to her, or even met her in person! So it'll be nice to meet you both!
I think the Sailor Moon group is on the Sunday of Expo, I'll be wearing SSM on Friday and Sunday, and doing a Tokyo Mew Mew cosplay on the Saturday.

Aaaah, that's good, I'm coming to watch a friend who's also going as Eternal Sailor Moon in the masquerade on Sunday - that means I have two entries to look forward to!

I got an email from Expo also, got a slot in the mini masquerade!
I'm going to be Eternal Moon on Sat & Sun.
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