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Time limit based on group size?

How common is it for masquerades to set time limits for skits based solely on group size?

My local con is doing this, and to be honest, it's got me a bit frustrated. A single entrant who wants to do more than a walk on gets 45 seconds. That's only 15 seconds more than a plain walk on gets. And from there the time limit goes up in increments, to the point where you need a really large group- I think it's more than 5 people before you get 3 minutes.

For a single entrant, 45 seconds isn't time to do much of anything. I do NOT want to do a plain walk on, that's really no fun. I could do that at any bar halloween contest. I would like to do a short war dance/sword kata set to music, but I'm having the worst time finding music. I found one track where I can use the last 45 seconds or so, but it's a slow, melodramatic choral piece, and I'm worried that the audience will hate it.
It seems every good music track I could work with, there's no way to edit it down to 45 seconds without it sounding really bad, like it's been chopped off somewhere.

I'd love to do a routine to the Diva Dance from the score of "Fifth Element"- it's short but effective, has a clear beginning, middle, and end, but that clocks in at just under 1:30 and I don't think they're going to let me do it, because it's not 45 seconds.
I really hate arbitrary time limits based on group size for this reason- us solo entrants are almost shoehorned into walk-ons, because there's little time for much of anything else. A larger group may not need or want the extra time they get, but a solo entrant or couple are constrained from doing something potentially interesting, just because they have fewer people.

Do the writers of these rules think that a single person or couple won't be able to hold an audience's attention? I know there's some sort of reason, but it frustrates the heck out of me, being caught on the short end of things.

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