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LEDs and watch batteries

I'm not sure if that's the proper term for them... but they are those small circular batteries you usually use for watches and small toys. Those.

Okay so. My first time working with LEDs. Trying to find a way to make a circuit as compact as possible.

I thought I'd ask about this because I've seen this done with toys at least twice now... Some kid at work broke one of our flashing lights toys, which is why I saw it lol But anyway

The way its set up is that there are three watch batteries.. You know what. I'll just draw it:

Yellow thing is the LED. The thick black lines are the prongs. And the gray things are three watch batteries in a row. Just kind of held there.

Is this a efficient to wire an LED..? Does anyone know the typical voltage for each watch battery? I've also seen this same thing but with two LEDs sharing three batteries. The second LED would be on the bottom side.
But anyway.. could anyone tell me about this? Does this way have a decent life..? There are no wires what soever. Just all the metal parts connecting.
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