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Black Mesa Security [WIP]

So after considering a lot of possible different costumes to make (mainly for Halloween, but with application elsewhere), I settled on the Black Mesa security guard mainly because it hasn't really been done before. At least not to my satisfaction .

Anyways, I have most of the parts that I'll need on order, and have some of them already. My pants came, but instead of getting navy blue, I received black, so I'll be exchanging those. For the vest, I bought a basic plate carrier vest that I will be modifying and adding the actual hard armor pieces to. For the hard parts of the costume, I'm constructing them myself with Pepakura and a high(er) poly security model for gmod.
But enough of that, on to the pictures!

For reference:

Helmet dome finished:

Bottom part finished:

Bottom part fiberglassed:

The two parts put together:

The top is not fiberglassed yet as I need to clean up the bottom part first. It was my first time fiberglassing so I've learned a few things for next time. The whole album is here. I'll post more pics as I progress.
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