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What can i do?

Anime Crossroad is coming up in December, and there is a special where if i get a hotel room at the con i get two free badges. My question is this I have a friend who MAYBE be able to do it but i'm not holding my breath because she has backed out before. Even though i have almost given her the con on a silver platter. All she had to pay for is her half of the hotel and any extras she wanted there. I was covering food and travel.

Since she is so up in the air what i'm asking is this how can i get someone else to take over the other side of hotel if she drops out. i haven't set it up yet but i have to before Nov.15 if i want the free badges. There is always Craigslist or here but i'm not that trusting of craigslist but it is a way of finding someone close. Here there are people that love this sort of thing but i don't know if i can find someone soon enough.

Help please
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