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Originally Posted by Chergnomebyl View Post
This is looking amazing. I've been meaning to remake one, but watching your progress makes mine look like too much work haha. I really enjoy watching you make this, This is going to turn out beautiful! Keep up the good work! ^___^!
Thank you for the kind words!

Very clean design and construction, hot wire cutters are definitely the way to go for quick clean edges in foam.

Even though the entire piece is foam, I'd still recommend some sort of core support rod, especially since you have no plans to make the individual swords detachable. What ever type of hard coat finish you decide upon could easily get too heavy for a simple foam hilt to handle and it would be a shame for the piece to snap after all the work you've put into it.
I fully agree and plan on putting inner supports. That's the main reason for cutting all the pieces in half, so that I can add support through out the sword.
As for the hard coat finish, I will not be adding a hard coat to the whole sword, the weight will just be too unrealistic. Instead I might just be adding a hard coat to the blade edge, since that will be the weakest point and most susceptible to damage.
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