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@ FinalEVA -

Jigsaw: Thanks!

Fat Suit: Actually, seeing the character now and comparing it to the fat suit you picked out, I think you made a perfect choice. I think the only thing you may want to do is try to blend the belly fat with the leg fat... I am not even sure how that could be achieved, maybe by sewing it down or something?

Workout: I have been trying to kick the workout up a notch, but it's been slow. I have done something everyday this week though, which is pretty good for how busy things have been. I think things will be returning to normal come Monday though! As for the weather, it sounds like it might be a good idea to get some warmer outfits. The temperature also seems to have dropped quite bit here as well. I am not complaining though!! I hope you are able to stay motivated though. I know it's hard when work is so draining.

Tape Dummies: I am sure the tape dummy will work out fine. Speaking of scissors on their way to the trash. I snapped a pair of those in half when cutting the stub on my Terra wig!! It was pretty comical. :P

Long Term Projects: Hmmm well the picture didn't load for me. It took me to some site called funky junk. Maybe could you send it again? I would really like to see it. As for an autumn shoot, your description sounds exactly like what I am aiming for!

I am almost certain that the Empire didn't care for her personal comfort. I am pretty sure she was nothing but a tool for them to use. Pretty sad that some people can think so little about others.

Daawww!!! What a cute puppy!!! It would be hilarious if you could find someone who had one so you could take a Gestahl and his doggy shot. It reminds me of the 101 Dalmations idea that the dog's are very similar to the master. As for wigs, I can completely understand not wanting to wear one. They are such a pain. As for the aging makeup, I ran it passed Eric again and he seemed like he would be willing to make you a small tutorial. I am hoping we can do that pretty soon here. As for Cecil, it's really all about practicing. I am still learning a lot about makeup. I think for men it's easier because you don't have to worry as much about eyes, blush, lips, etc. It's really just a base foundation and maybe a few contour shadows.

Fiberglass: I am so glad you are so far along with your project! That's exciting!! It's probably pretty stressful too though, knowing you have a con at the end of the month.

Something Dissidia Related: Ha ha, I actually thought the same thing when I saw Dark Knight Cecil, he does look like Batman. That's okay, he's my favorite superhero anyway. Gotta love the guys that rely on brains rather than super powers!!

Your Cosplay Updates: Eric is actually working on some Gessoing for Ganondorf as we speak, so I am really hoping they can get their new paint job this weekend. We will see how slowly that goes... :P As for the molds, I used Amazing Mold Putty for my Terra earrings but would not recommend it. It's pretty expensive. I actually bought the liquid version of the same stuff for cheaper and got more of it. I am glad you were able to find what you needed for Cecil though!

Sabin: As far as he goes, I do want to add trim and perhaps I could add some more designs to the shirt as well though. I will have to plot out some ideas. I think Eric said he would like to make a full set of armor for the one arm and maybe a bit more on the other. I think there may have even been talk of designing some leg armor. We will see though. I should probably work on some new designs... :P I do agree with you though, Sabin is very simple compared to the rest, and maybe that is for the better. He's a big muscley mountain man, he doesn't need armor! :P

@ MDA: Bummer about CoD. I am sure you will be able to figure it out though. It sounds like a good idea to change to 4 way stretch though! Spandex can be such a pain sometimes. :P Good luck with your huge list of cosplays!!!

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