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@everyone: -waves- Hiiii~! <3 Celes is coming along.... or it was, until I realized I needed to completely rebuild the bodice. It sucks because the stupid thing was DONE, then I had to rip it apart. ^^;;; Seifer was epic, and patterned out the back detail for me so I'd know what the heck I was doing. It came out GORGEOUS. -huggles Seifer- Luvz!! Anyways, I've gotten the bodice mk 2 stitched together, but haven't attached it to the lining yet. I figure I'll do the detailing before I put it back together. ^^;;;;
Next con: Who knows?
Upcoming projects:

Terra v.3 95%
[Ongoing Project]

Maiden Zelda 15%
(Have the fabric, patterns and ears.)

Opera Celes: 45%
(The base dress is mostly put together. Detailing the bodice and patterning the overlay detail.)
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