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Help with a Blue cosplay, please?

So, my boyfriend and I want to put together Blue and Green Cosplays for Halloween-which sadly only gives me a little under a month.

So, I went looking online for her dress (please note I'm going of the Japanese names, and the manga. She would be Green or Leaf in the English adaptations) I've looked everywhere I can think for either an actual cosplay dress or something I could just make minor alterations to. I can't find anything even remotely close. I want to do her sleeveless black dress with the turtleneck, [i]not[i] her outfit with the red skirt.

So, I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction or that someone with an ebay or Etsy is willing to do a commission for me. Like I said, sadly, I'm on a time limit.

These are the closest reference pics I could fine ^^"
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