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Originally Posted by StarsCASSiOPEiA View Post
Oh man standardized testing tomorrow should've studied earlier OTL.

(I mean, this is the third time I've taken this test, and I did really, really well last time. Is my score really supposed to go up THAT much?)

Ugh tomorrow morning is going to suck.
I totally know how you feel.
My feeling is that if you did really well last time you don't even have that much room for improvement....not that it can't or won't be done. Who knows? But for some people it kinda sucks. Since last year, one of my best friends has been forced to take SAT classes pretty much every day for hours at a time, even all through summer, and I don't think he's improving that much.
But seriously if you did really really well last time, then a.) I am SO jealous, and b.) why are you even taking it again?!?! Nevertheless, good luck! I know you're gonna do really well!

..So. Um. You should apply to RPI. Jussayin'.
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